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    The GYRE SeaCleaner is the first watch made out of upcycled plastic, recovered from the Indian Ocean and the Arabian Sea. The case as well as the strap are made out of discarded fishing nets. Although all kinds of plastic are found in the world’s oceans, fishing nets are the real problem. A recent survey done by scientists with The Ocean Cleanup, at least 46 percent of the plastic found in the ‘Great Pacific garbage patch’ - a floating gyre the size of France made out of plastic - comes from fishing nets. In total there are about 640.000 tonnes of these ‘ghost fishing nets’ in the oceans. Which adds up to almost 10% of all plastic waste in the sea. This innovative solution to one of the most harmful forms of ocean plastic, helps to clean up and prevent the discarded fishing nets to end up in the ocean in the first place. All in a completely transparant and clear way that can be traced back to the source. If you do have one, shoot us an e-mail and we’ll let you know. And if you ever want to get a new GYRE watch, we take in your old GYRE with our version of deposit value.

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